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The Idea behind the Inception of Small Press Pronunciations

Translation may be a task for many, but professional translation is a passion for us. The team at Small Press Pronunciations breathes the same philosophy as the company. The objective is straight and focussed - offer the best translation services across the globe. Before starting the company, a survey was conducted to study the consumers preferences about the factors that they look in a translation company before hiring its services. Once the data from the survey was collected, our research team compiled the data and analysed it to find some repetitive patterns. Most of the consumers were only interested in hiring services of the companies, which were specialised in offering the translation services covering a handful of languages. Instead of serving a bouquet of languages, we decided to specialise only in four languages namely Chinese, French, Spanish and German.

Result of the Survey conducted by the company before its establishment


90% of the customers admitted that quality translation services is their first priority, although 10% were of the opinion that cost is as important as the quality of translation services, but most of them were striking a balance approach between the quality of translation services and the price paid for it. Around 93% of the customers preferred hiring the services of a small translation services, specialised only in few languages. They were also of the opinion that the company must employ native speakers to meet the translation requirements of their clients. Questions regarding the turnaround time for the translation services got mixed response. Most of the professional business houses were of the opinion that it was important because a delay would introduce long delays in their other processes.


History of Small Press Pronunciations

Based on the findings of the survey, Small Press Pronunciations was established in the year 2005. The company started the operations by hiring a team of linguistic experts, who had been working in the translation industry from more than two decades. They were aware of the many problems faced by a majority of translation companies. It was easier for them to offer best of the services that were missed by the market. It helped the company to establish itself as one of the market leaders in the professional translation industry. The company started by catering the local translation market, but word of mouth publicity helped the company to earn some International clients. The Directors of the company then decided to launch a website to offer their specialised translation services across the globe to one and all.

Unique Features of Small Press Pronunciations


  1. Quality translation remains the top priority.
  2. Fair pricing policy.
  3. Utmost importance given to customer satisfaction.
  4. Fulfilment of all the commitment made.
  5. Quick turnaround time.


As a good business initiative, we offer the first translation project free of cost to all our new clients. Although, the length of the source document should not exceed 5000 words.

We believe that our free translation trial for 5000 words is more than enough to gain trust of customers.

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Happy Clients

Satisfied Clients are the Backbone of our Translation Services

We have an online store selling our range of formal wear. Our target was European market, but the sales were not happening. Someone suggested that the site had a shade of German. We hired the services of Small Press Pronunciations  and they developed our site's content. Now, more than 100 sales per day are coming from Europe only.
By Sarah Hoch
Desmonds Formal Wear, Leipzig

Happy Clients

Satisfied Clients are the Backbone of our Translation Services

The company deals in selling, renting and repairing full range of Immarsat Satellite Phones. International market was huge and we wanted to add a .com domain to our existing .es domain. Small Press Pronunciations translated our Spanish site to English. Thanks to the expert translators, we are creating new milestones of success every day.
By Sandra G. Spring
Valley Update Telecommunications, Vimianzo